Portrait of Saturn + Video Time-lapse

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hello art friends,

For some time I had in mind to draw from this beautiful reference , and I finally got to it and also managed to record some of the process.

What I really liked about the ref photo beside the lighting was the tilt of the head and hand gesture. The tilt, in the end, became really challenging and I had some issues getting the proportions of the jawline.

Needless to say that the process of this drawing was not effortless at all. Sometimes (mostly) it's a lot easier. But I got caught on capturing the tilt and it was a trial and error...

And yes, this drawing went through some ugly stages!

I have some bad drawing habits in the proportion department that I'm trying to challenge and correct. I'm trying to be especially meticulous about the positioning of the eyes and size of the features. I measure a lot using the comparative measuring technique. And I erased and moved things around a lot, thankfully the paper took a lot of abuse...

The process was agonising... 6 hours later I called it finished, something that would usually take me 2-3 hrs. Most of the time just staring and thinking what the hell is wrong with it!

It was laboured and I do see it the finished piece but I've learned a bunch of things.

I do enjoy watching the timelapse. It makes me think more about my decision making or lack of it and challenge myself to improve upon my mistakes in the future.

Hope you enjoy it too.

Willow charcoals
Pencil charcoals
Kneaded eraser
Pencil eraser
Strathmore bristol paper

Thaks for stopping by,

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