Charcoal Drawing Timelapse Video

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Hello art friends,

Finally, I got myself together and humbly recorded something... that resembles of a video timelapse. I planned to do a voiceover too but it did't sound that great, editing my own voiceover was a little bit of torture (can't stand the sound of my own voice).

So meanwhile, I'm gonna try to do a little videos like this.

Since, I've been a little rusty because... well winter and colds... and stuff and things, I'm getting gently back into the drawing practice while sipping on my iron supplement. 

The drawing

I grabbed the reference from  Croquis Cafe awesome gallery.  I chose this photo because I really liked the hand gesture. In the end though, I didn't spend as much time rendering the hand as I probably should in order to bring it into the focus.

What I focused on more was measuring the proportions and values because I still struggle with them.


I use willow charcoals, pencil charcoals, and at the very end pencils. I use kneaded eraser and a pencil eraser (the white pencil) to take away the pigment. And for blending I use paper stamp, brush or  fingers. The paper is just a regular A3 copy paper, which is not the best or even that good (I much prefer newsprint) but I have a massive stash to finish.

Thanks for stopping by,

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