Iva Kutilkova is a figurative artist from Czechia who currently lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal.
For Iva, the process of creating is a place of deep connection and a search for the true nature of us, human beings. Her works intricately weave together her personal experiences with elements of nature and passion for classical art.

Drawing is a deep looking into the soul. I believe that in drawing we can capture something pure and immediate.

Drawing has always been my passion and it has become an integral part of my life and a spiritual journey. I highly value draftsmanship and deep emotional connection through art.

In my personal work I seek to reveal pieces of myself in a way that connects to all of humanity by exposing our vulnerabilities.

Currently, I'm working from a studio room near the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sintra that is when I'm not taking a hike with my two crazy podengo mutts in the mountains. You can look forward to my new body of work that I'll be posting soon or browse through some of my older work and enjoy my continuous development as an artist and a person.

b1987, Rakovnik, Czechia.

I loved drawing as a child. I spent most of my childhood with a pencil or a book. From early on I was drawn to the figurative. I remember drawing characters while verbally creating a story for them, bringing and drawing my doll in my art class at school, as well as admiring some beautiful book illustrations.

Although, I applied to art school in Prague for my secondary education, I ended up studying at an economy lyceum at my local Business school.

In 2006 I moved to Britain, rediscovered my passion for art, and took a year long Access to Art & Design course to find out what I'd like to study in University. At that time I became very interested in photography and applied for a fine art photography course at a University in London but my financial aid fell through, and I wasn't able to take the course.

After that, encouraged by my partner I spent more and more time drawing with an interest for imaginative realism.

In 2013, we moved to Portugal and as life presented me with new challenges, it also challenged my view of the art I was creating. At that time I started taking online courses to better my fundamental drawing skills. I especially enjoyed New Masters Academy and Jonathan Hardesty's Schoolism course. Through these courses I discovered a passion for the classical atelier movement and drawing of the human form.